Mast It deals primarily in computer sales, service and upgrades. These include sales of notebook computers, PC's for the office or home environment, gaming PC's, networked solutions including servers and cabling, printers, scanners and other peripherals, computer components, software, programming , bulkSMS , Email Broadcast , and also we supply Sage50 account system as an agency in Bahrain. Mast IT is focused on the supply and support of Computer Hardware and Hardware Solutions for small to medium Companies.
Other services provided include the upgrading, installation and maintenance of computer systems as well as more comprehensive solutions such as home networking, business networking, Internet, e-mail and faxing solutions. We also offer a data backup service for storage of all your valuable data, marketing solution and Mast Information technology Company have complete training program to analysis software operation details to endures with all feature and supports assist to users, that give solution of the most business organization effective on accounting and Inventory management.