Business owners in search of restaurant point of sale software have several options. One POS system commonly marketed to pizzerias as a pizza POS system is Aldelo for Restaurants Pro. Its easy to use touchscreen interface makes staff training a breeze.

The fully customizable security preferences allow a small business owner the ability to give seperate levels of staff access to different areas of the programming. Finally, the menu programming functions allow for one-time input of toppings, sauces and crust styles. However, every good things has its limitations.

Aldelo POS Sytem For Restaurants

The Aldelo restaurant POS system is designed for easy staff training. With oversized, easy-to-read buttons and simple order entry, they accomplish this goal in the beginning. What they achieve in easy staff-use, they lose in the menu programming department.

The owner's manual offers no education regarding the smartest way to set up the topping selectors and relies upon user exploration, or hiring an outside programmer or consultant.

Aldelo For Restaurants Pro is a full featured and simple to use software solution ideal for all restaurants and bars. The following summarizes features and benefits of Aldelo software.

- Point of Sale
- Seating Management
- Order and Delivery
- Financial Management
- Customer Management
- Workforce Management
- Inventory Management
- Extensive Reporting
- Start of day processing
- Support for touch screens
- Simplicity for All Restaurants
- Increase Efficiency and Reduce Complexity
- Maximize Productivity and ROI

Business types that operate with :
All Restaurants types